Monday, December 22, 2008

United Champions of the World 2008

Manchester United - LDU Quito
1 - 0 (Rooney, 73')

For the record, unbelievably this is the first time in history that a British Team won the tournament and second time an European team won it since the Cup was introduced in 2000.

Club from Brazil had won it 3 times (Corinthians, Sao Paulo, Internacional)
Italian once (AC Milan)

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Need vs Want

Have you ever wonder about it?
Have you ever know your needs and your wants?
Even so, have you truly know to separate the needs and the wants?

Some of us, will say "Yes, we know how to differentiate that"
Some of us says "Nahhh, Does it really matter?"
or Some of us will says "If I want it means I need it"

The truth is that............none of us truly know what we want and what we need exactly !!!!

For example, for the past 10 years we keep saying that we want the phone which has all of function where it will enable us to use anywhere & anytime. But the truth is we take IPhone as a sample, from what we've noticed/heard/see over the past year or so, a majority fraction of iPhone users do nothing more with their precious gadgets than make calls and send texts.

So the basic question it worth it? Do we really need it? Do we need the 3mp phone camera, while by the end of the day we still using our digital camera to take picture? Do we need 8gb of storage just to keep our songs & watch video, but by the end of the day we still listening to the radio & watch TV? Do we need wifi connection phone, while we still using our desktop/laptop to access the internet?

I'm talking not on the phone perspective only, but more on our life. If we able to separate out what we need and what we want, we should be able to live more happily and not to spend much on things we think we might need them.

Lazy !!!

Aihhhh, it seems that my 'lazy' mode has activated as i am seriously lazy enough to update in this blog, not to say i didn't have anything to write, but it just i am soooo lazy of doing it....

..........maybe i am truly very bz
..........maybe i 'really' dun have anything to write on
..........maybe i didn't want ppl to know what i am and was doing
..........maybe i'm just simply lazy !!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The most precious gift

they said that the most precious gift on our your children. Well, where else can you find the one thing that will truly somehow safe you from 'fire of hell'. One answer is the 'doa' from your children.....if you trained them well, thought them enough, you won't regret a bit of any pain or endless efforts you are pouring towards them in order for them to be a good person.

Lesson learned here, be good to your parent & be a good parent & teach your kid/s well....!!!

Congratulation to my friend for have been given 'Anugerah Illahi' last night, sori la yer i cuak ckit pegang baby baru lahir hehehe (menggigil) maybe not mine kot.......sbb tu la takut :D

p/s: korg mesti tensen ngan ayat nih (termasuk daku)...................... so, tunggu ape, korang plaks bile lg? hahaha....!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

will i ever buy this car?

the answer : probably will never buy...odd (1 - 241)